Talent Advisory Board Inc. (TAB) was founded by Tina Shah Paikeday with the social mission of fostering a greater level of understanding among people of diverse backgrounds.  She gives thanks to the TAB clients have been committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the Silicon Valley and would like to especially recognize her TAB colleagues including Subodh Bhat, Salam Baqleh, Yen Ling Shek, Diane Lu, Helen Cheung, and Josh Yeung.

Tina began her work more than 20 years ago when she co-authored the Survey of Multicultural Experiences and Attitudes of Undergraduates at the University of Virginia (UVa) as Co-Chair of the institution's Cultural Resource Center. The study created a baseline to serve as a launching pad to advance diversity initiatives among the students, faculty and administration.

Her work continues today as she gives back to diversity related initiatives at UVa’s McIntire School of Commerce, Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and as a doctoral candidate in Management & Organizations at the University of Arizona where she is further pursuing her research interests. The Talent Advisory Board research on this website has been made accessible to further advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.